Changing your existing worktops is easy!

Replacement Worktops in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Inverness, Dundee! Refurbish your kitchen. Sometimes it's as Simple as Changing your Kitchen Worktops!   

Removing existing worktops can be a delicate process. Worktops are attached to the top of kitchen cabinets and sometimes irreplaceable tiling. Trade Granite Scotland arranges for existing worktops to be carefully removed and disposed of.

Benefits of granite worktops

  • Granite tops raise the market value of the house when you decide to sell it. A sense of luxury is imparted to the kitchen. Your worktop remains as good as new no matter how many years it has been since you installed it.
  • Since granite is a natural material, you will be in sync with today's trend of "going green" by having an environmentally safe countertop in your house. Since no two pieces of granite are alike, you will have a distinct and unique granite worktop.
  • Granite is easy to maintain and clean. You just need water and a mild household cleanser to wipe away the dirt and grime on it. Using a topical sealant on the granite will preserve it for a lifetime in addition to giving it sheen.
  • Granite tops are very durable and are resistant to chip and scratch. You can also place hot pans directly from the stove on the granite surface without any fear of damage as it is heat resistant too. It can never be damaged by freezing, thawing, mildew and mold since it is made of natural material.
  • One of the best ways to buy granite at reasonable prices is to go directly to the warehouse or wholesalers who would be willing to give you a nominal rate than showrooms.
  • It works great as a chopping and cutting board.

Granite worktops can be used in the patio too where you would be having frequent barbeques and picnics without worrying about damaging the cooking area. Adding a piece of granite to your living space either as a coffee table or dining table imparts a rich look to the interior of the house. Even bathrooms can have granite flooring or walls.

Trust Trade Granite Scotland for choice!

There are a whole lot of veins, patterns and specks to choose from. Since a granite worktop has depth, natural sunlight reflects on the surface and produces varied patterns each day. It is a sanitary workplace. Thus if you want to give an aesthetic touch to your kitchen or home, it would be an excellent, worthwhile idea to replace your existing worktop with a granite countertop.

So If you want to bring new life to your Kitchen or Bathroom worktops and are thinking about changing your worktops, let Trade Granite Scotland quote for you. Please fill in the Quote form and mention Replacement Worktops in other special requirements box.

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